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yann Posted - 17/1/2021 13:39:03
I have an issue that is very annoying for me. I tend to have chest pain, especially when playing poker, which is something i am trying to do professionally. The light stress of the game, tend to make my chest hurt in a way that makes me think to qi/blood stasis.
This is very frustrating as it limits my ability to play the game while i trained years for it. The biggest problem is that when my chest hurts i canno't sleep correctly.
I wonder if there is something i can do about it, or if my body won't let me play poker. As long as i don't play poker or other relatively stressful activity, this problem tend to reduce over time. Most player i know do not have this issue, and i should note that i am not very nervous when playing, just a little bit tense. This might seem trivial but to me this is a major deception as i trained 2 years to reach my current level, despite this issue. But i realise i just can't keep on as it hurts my health.

How can i reduce my tendency to qi stagnation under stress? is it because i have a yang deficiency , qi deficiency, which i think i have? Or will it always be such.

Many thanks

yann Posted - 31/3/2021 20:46:22
Thanks for your answer, it is a very interesting one.

I will add that since that post, i have given up on poker or any stressful activity. I have ups and down regarding this issue, but it is getting better. However it is still a problem for me. You talk about over use of the brain, i will definitively feel like this is something that concerns me.
That chestpain has been with me forever but 2 years ago i had a very bad episode which looked like heart attack, and got very weak for 2 months. Since then i am careful but the problem didn't resolve fully, only 50%. I have read in a tcm book that chest pain can mutate into something more serious if it increases, which seems to be what happened to me.
I still have chest pain if i undergo fatigue or stress. I must cure that issue as this is a big big problem for me. Doctors are not helping me at all. Only tcm, which i started studying this year, can help me understand what is going on.

You think i should start working out to better withstand the mental efforts i tend to make?

TCM Posted - 1/3/2021 14:38:54
Do you also have a tendency of palpitations, sweating or fatigue?
From a Chinese Medicine viewpoint, chest pain and poor sleep may be associated with a heart disharmony,

Firstly, the heat rules the spirit, heart weakness may occur to those who over-used the brain.
You may need to invigorate the heart functioning.

Secondly, a highly concentrated mental state will cause the physical body under stress and put extra workload on internal organs. You may feel unwell if your body failed to copy with that stressful state. Therefore, it is helpful to enhance physical fitness, so that your mind and body can be more coordinated.