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Title: reverse white hair?
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Paulo Marques Posted - 25/12/2020 2:29:55
hello everyone... recently i came across some trauma who lasted 2 years and it grew a lot of white hair very quickly.. im 42 now but i research my parents and grand parents and they all get white hair at very old age (so its not genetics) i dont know what to do because its more that looks i am confuse if my health is really bad..

thank you all
(ps: im taking the he sho wou for 3 months now and no changes)

yvan Posted - 8/1/2021 4:20:47
I am just a beginning student in tcm, so take my opinion with caution.
Hair coloration is linked to kidney energy, and early whitening is linked to jing energy being diminished.
Ihave read that when it is caused by a disease and not by aging, it can be reversed. So maybe, it might be possible for you.
What was the nature of your trauma?