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Title: dry skin on face, diagnosis
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Yann Posted - 1/12/2020 23:28:14
Hi everyone,
I am a new student of chinese medicine in france. On some mornings were i wake up after a poor night of sleep, i tend to suffer from "dry skin" between eyebrows and the lower portion of the forehead (like a triangle with its main peak pointed lower between eyebrows and going up on forehead).
If i put my fingers on this area, there will be many little and thin pieces of dead skin on it. It is a bit scary! but after one day it usually goes away.
This symptom is always accompanied by a strong state of fatigue and lack of motivation.

I was wondering what it meant and what i could do to remedy this. The fatigue is the worst thing, i am not so much worried about the esthetics of it. This mostly happen after disturbed sleep, but some nights with no sleep it all it does not happen so the relation with sleep is not 100%

yann Posted - 30/12/2020 23:31:21
I forgot to add:
This is not acnea, there is no color, this is dry dead pieces of skin. if i touch it little pieces of skin will stay on my fingers.(very thin pieces, not the whole skin!)a bit like after a sunburn.

My eyes are fine, didn't notice anything special about it.

Yann Posted - 30/12/2020 23:28:06
Hello, sorry about the delay of the reply.

No there are no throat issues associated when this condition appears. It has not happened to me since 40 days, and i have made a strong decision to improve my health and my sleep issues as i am quite certain they are the main culprit behind all the troubles i encountered.

It's just that when the "dry skin" appears at this place, which did several times in my life, it always goes along a heavy fatigue and weakness. This is a issue that i tend to have because of sleep problems but when the skin becomes dry it's just like it is 5 times worst.

So as a student of tcm i was naturally curious to know more. You say fire has accumulated in the heart and liver, and dryness is shown as a consequence in this area of the face.
My main issues used to be exhaustion, worry, sleeplessness, chest oppression, anxiety. Also have a very low tolerance for sexual activity as it leaves me drained and weak.
But i am working on all of this. :)

TCM Posted - 7/12/2020 11:13:11
Is it possible that the mark is associated with your eye discharges?
What is the color of the mark?
Do you have throat soreness or hoarseness?
In TCM, when acne appears between the eyebrows, it means the heart or liver has accumulated fire. The accumulated fire is often related stress, TCM physicians will suggest their patients to pay attention to their sleep and emotional stress, and should keep a plain and light diet too.

For your bad sleep and fatigue, the most important thing is to have healthy habits, so as to ensure the mind and body are in harmony again, and you can fall in sleep easily.