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Title: irregular heart rate
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stephen Posted - 7/11/2020 4:44:33
hi I would like to know is traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and herbs has good success in treating a irregular heart beat atrial fibliration
stephen Posted - 26/12/2020 7:41:06
hi I have read wenxin keli is successful in treating atrial fibliation or a irregular heart beat
Has anyone had any experience using this with this herb
TCM Posted - 19/11/2020 12:34:29
Modern studies showed that many herbs such as red sage root, Chinese nardostachyos root, aizoon stonecrop herb, mulberry mistletoe, sopora root, roasted liquorice root, astragalus root and cassia twig are able to inhibit the ectopic excitation of cardiomyocytes, slow down cardiac cell conduction rate and extend the effective refractory period, and thus achieve an anti-arrhythmic effect. These herbs form many classic formulae for palpitations, such as
Acupuncture also can achieve this effect by stimulating different body points.
However, there are not enough evidences to support that TCM can work like western medicine in controlling this problem. TCM¡¦s role is mainly in reducing the episodes and complications, and also as adjunct in controlling the persistent or permanent cases.
Atrial fibrillation occurs in many situations, and so are treated differently. Nowadays, western medicine is effective for most of the cases, and thus should always be the first option.