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Title: Emotional pain/hard diagnosis
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AlexAcupuncture Posted - 29/10/2020 13:13:41
Patient is in late 30's. Male. History of seeing multiple therapists and psychiatrists for years with minimal to no results. History of emotional and psychological abuse from "family and friends". Complaints are; morbid/intrusive/disturbing thoughts and ruminations, headaches that concentrate on the temples and eyes with stiff upper back muscles. Extreme fatigue and depression after eating. Constantly on edge/verge of total psychological breakdown. Also, chronic stuffy nose and is blowing nose for a few hours after awakening with alternating feelings of being hot and cold.
Has had success in the past with acupuncture but only seemed to provide relief rather than a complete cure. He would rather take herbal formulas as a long term solution.
Tongue: very thick and sticky grey/yellow coating especially in the rear with stomach crack.
Pulse: rapid, deep and choppy
Need ideas for herbal formulas for this man.
Thank you in advance!
AlexAcupuncture Posted - 6/11/2020 2:17:01
I am going to have to disagree with the responder "TCM". Chinese herbals are just as good as psychotropic medications for brain issues. Chinese medicine figured that out 1000+ years ago while western medicine finally "proved" this scientifically not more than a few decades ago.

Here is an article about Xiao Yao Wan on brain function.

TCM Posted - 5/11/2020 11:40:31
Very true Water & Fire!
For symptoms like headache, muscle stiffness, stuffy nose and sneeze, Chinese herbal remedy is helpful.
However, he should consult a Chinese herbalist to design a proper herbal remedy for the complex condition.
For his emotional problems, it is better to look for other options, as there is little evidence that herbal ingredients can work on the brain affectively.
Anyway, once the physical body is well functioning, it will relieve the emotional distress somehow.

Water & Fire Posted - 31/10/2020 0:57:18
I'm no doctor at all and there's not much to go by about this man's history. But I've had much experience with emotional distress and trauma. Based on what little I have to go by, I think this man could benefit by working on his mental state with the help of a Somatic Experiencing Therapist. This type of therapy would cure his extreme bodily reactions to the mental trauma he's experienced. Until these mental blockages are released, he will continue to fight against these physical symptoms--his body's defense mechanism has been triggered and must be safely and properly restored to balance. Another helpful book is "The Body Keeps the Score" by Bessel van den Kolk and "Waking the Tiger" by Peter Levine.

He would of course benefit from Chinese Medicinal treatments along the process to supplement and speed up recovery. Best of luck!