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Title: recover after sex/semen loss
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Guugle Posted - 15/10/2020 3:58:37
i try to limit my intercourse. but..

if i release semen 1 time every 10-14 days, i am not affected by it. i feel not much change and i recover very quick.

but if i release semen 2 times in same day, even if every 1-2 weeks, then I get big loss in energy and motivation for many days..

are there particular foods, supplements, herbs, activites... to do.. to recover the Qi... the kidney essence.. ?

normally time takes care of this, but then you feel good and forget how it was when you felt bad, and you repeat the mistake.

i am 32 years old. thank you in advance.

TCM Posted - 19/10/2020 12:56:33
Physicians usually recommend food below:
AlexAcupuncture Posted - 18/10/2020 6:45:10
You are focusing too much on deficiencies. I would use something like Long Dan Xie Gan Wan to clear heat first.