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bhjx Posted - 27/9/2020 23:36:48
Hi may I know what is most likely my body type, as I'm quite confused, I've cold limbs, does not sweat easily, suffering from hair loss, oily face and have frequent acne breakouts (especially on the two sides of my face and forehead). I have the habit of sleeping in the afternoon and usually can't sleep well at night. Easily agitated as well. And I see the tip of my tongue is red which might be an indicator of heat. I'm thinking that I'm either a yang deficiency or heat dampness person
ud Posted - 18/11/2020 9:18:05
If the heat from the outside enters the blood, or if there is yin deficiency in the body, blood heat will generally occur. the" <a href="http://www.udianinfo.com">udianinfo</a> "website dedicated to Chinese medicine. There are also discussions between doctors, enthusiasts and patients.
Xuenie Zhang Posted - 15/10/2020 2:40:27
Hey tcm enthusiasts,

I recommend checking out fiveseasonstcm.com for more body constitution analysis. You can take a quiz there to find out what type you are.

TCM Posted - 5/10/2020 11:35:46
You may be right. For most people, they caníŽt be simply one body type, but a mixed type is likely to present.
Also, due to the influences of climate, immediate environment and living habits, our body type may be modified from time to time.