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Susiechong Posted - 26/8/2020 12:06:46
I am a woman aged 68. I have diabetese, high blood pressure, high chlolestrol. I also have very sensitive stomach. If I take any herbs, will get stomachache and diarrhea. Sometimes I have gastric. I also have bad breadth. How to cure bad breadth and my other problems?
TCM Posted - 31/8/2020 11:48:16
Sometimes, bad breath is associated with poor digestion.
In Chinese medicine, physicians always consider the spleen and stomach conditions before prescribing herbs, as many herbs disturb their functions or increase the workload of the organs. Therefore, you should pay attention to the caution part on a supplement label before taking any herbal supplement. E.g.

For problems like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, have you consulted a western doctor and asked if medications are necessary?