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Title: primary myelofibrosis
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Ben Posted - 2/8/2020 12:36:19
Hello TCM,

I have a friend diagnosed with primary myelofibrosis with very high platelets count. Is there any way to decrease the platelets or cure for this? I know this is a rare disease.

Thank you

Ben Posted - 4/8/2020 5:14:04
Thank you for the quick reply.

She just recently diagnosed with this. Base on her previous lab results, it look like that her platete were high back in 2019 with high white blood cell. As of now, her white blood cell is back to normal (no more infection). Her hemoglobin was low suddenly from her last lab results. She have no symptom as of now. The doctor did a biopsy on her bome marrow and that's when the doctor told her she was diagnosed with primary myelofibrosis. The doctor prescribed her with hydrea (Hydroxycarbamide) which she has not take it yet.

TCM Posted - 3/8/2020 16:02:32
How long has your friend been diagnosed with this condition?
Besides platelet count, what other abnormal signs were found?
What treatment is undertaking?

Primary myelofibrosis is regarded as a type of bone marrow cancer, its development is slow, and treatment is usually indicated for those with intermediate to high risk types only. Since the bone marrow fails to produce the blood cells, other areas of the body such as the liver or spleen will act as a replacement for production, this leads to side effects such as enlarged spleen and high level of platelets.

Primary myelofibrosis is a blood disorder from a TCM view. Anemia along with high platelets count may indicate a blood stasis disharmony; physicians will treat by enhancing the overall blood production and also resolving the stasis. TCM remedy can provide a relief somehow, but there is inadequate evidence that TCM method can cure it.

Just like other cancers, TCM can work with conventional treatment to achieve better results.