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Title: The four foods movements list
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Alpha Posted - 3/7/2020 3:49:58
hello everyone,

is there any source or list I can get my hands on for the foods four movements?


TCM Posted - 6/7/2020 12:42:01
The acting directions foods are mostly based on their energetic properties or origins:
Upward and outward: warm or hot in energy, pungent or sweet in flavor, e.g. ginger, garlic and chili pepper.
Downward and inward: Cool or cold in energy, sour or bitter or salty in flavor, e.g. apricot, plum, lotus seed and wax melon.
See the tables in:

In general, foods like leaves and flowers and those with light and loose qualities possess a tendency to move upwards or outwards; while roots and seeds and fruits that are heavy and hard in qualities possess a tendency to move downwards or inwards.

The movements of foods can be changed after prepared in certain ways, e.g. mixed with wine develops a tendency to move upwards; mixed with ginger juice develops a tendency to move outward; mixed with vinegar develops a tendency to be astringent; fired with salt will develop a tendency to move downwards.