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Title: Seborrhoea
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Rain Posted - 23/6/2020 4:05:45
what is the view of seborrhoea in TCM?
What are the possible imbalances?


TCM Posted - 2/7/2020 12:30:13
Seborrhea refers to a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin characterized by the accumulation of scales of greasy skin. There may be yellow crusted plaques that are itchy. Seborrhea often affects the scalp. Other sites include the face, ears, eyebrows and eyelids, umbilicus, and genitalia.

From a TCM view, individuals usually have a blood dryness body, they over consumed greasy and spicy that lead to damp-heat in the stomach meridian, when external wind attacks the body, then the condition will be triggered. Damp-heat in the lung and spleen, in combination with wind contraction are important disharmonies.

According to the signs of skin rashes, physicians may diagnose as
1.Over-heated blood and excessive wind
2.Damp-heat steaming the skin
3.Blood deficient with excess wind and dryness