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Title: Liver Heat Syndromes in TCM
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Dessy Posted - 3/6/2020 21:41:22
Dear Shen Nong,

I've had liver qi stagnation for several years - nothing major, but it flares up into 'liver heat' (as my Doctor from Asia) calls it. I usually just feel hot, mildly feverish and occassionally have dizziness and can't sleep. I have a flabby, toothmarked tongue, thin, light yellow coating with normal and sometimes pale tongue colour. My vision is slightly blurry sometimes (perhaps dry eyes) Stress is the root of it.

I've asked many doctors if I have liver fire (Gan Huo) or liver yang rising (Gan Yang Shang Kang) or something else, but they always just say it is "Liver Heat".

What is Liver Heat and what is the actual name of these issues that I have?

And lastly, how can I tell if this issue is primarily a deficiency or excess condition?

My doctor always treats me successfully with Xiao Chai Hu Tang (with additional herbs).


TCM Posted - 8/6/2020 14:44:54
DoníŽt know how your Xiao Chai Hu Tang modified, so caníŽt comment.
It seems you are primary in a deficient state, such as liver, blood and qi deficiency, that lead to virtual heat generated internally and caused the symptoms.