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Title: chronic IBS.
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hunter1988 Posted - 2/6/2020 2:35:47

i have big problem with IBS-D. Its related to gluten and that im sure. Im feeling angry and tired all the time. When i avoid gluten and take for example borax the symptoms go away. But if i even drink beer i feel bad. I tried herbs for liver and spleen: bupleurum, rehmaniae, peonia lactiflora, archingelicae, Angelica sinensis with damp resolving herbs: poria, yi yi ren etc but without effect. Next for yin deficiency> anemarrhena, Ligustri Lucidi, fructus lycii without effect as well. And herbs for toxins: Lonicerae, Forsythiae, Scutellariae, coptidis, turmeric. Maybe my symptoms are related to my colon but i dont know what kind of decoction should i take. Pulsatilla as next maybe is good choice.

Anyway my symptoms: i feel heat in my body, i have often headache, sinusitis, yellow nasal discharge with blood, Stomach ache- left side of ribbon, constant belching (i read somewhere in internet its probably rebellious stomach or lung qi but i cant rid of that. Im tired, exhausted and i can sleep all the time.

Any Sugestions?

TCM Posted - 8/6/2020 14:38:51
Any drug or supplement you are taking regularly? Did you take the herbs under professional monitor?
Beside agitation and fatigue, how is your bowel condition? What are the colon signs? The information should be considered for the remedy.
Feverish feeling, headache, bloody nasal discharges, stomach ache and belching, the signs indicate you are not suffering a simple disharmony, but mixed disharmony with several pathogens and organs have involved, e.g. heart, spleen and liver. Your treatment may need a main decoction while also cover some minor problems one by one. Suggest you consult a TCM physician in your local area.