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Title: Fibroids/Distended Colon
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Vivien Perrin Posted - 26/5/2020 0:59:58
Please can you advise on my situation.
I'm 58 and after what I'd hoped was my final ever period back in September 2019 my period arrived. The thing is it started a bleed from my fibroids(this used to happen with my periods every so often). I had a scan some months back and showed degenerative fibroid activity. I feel like I've got a over stuffed gut and colon even tho my legs and arms slender. I also have alot of hiccups and a hiatal hernia (I pull it back down when it gets really bad). I know unresolved emotional issues as well as on going problems with family members can be attributed to these health issues.
Can you suggest anything please..... I'm so so fed up with this now.

Thank you.

lara Posted - 24/6/2020 19:59:44
Try vaginal steaming for fibroids. You can contact me on info@belavilinka.com
TCM Posted - 8/6/2020 14:35:35
I think insanitary lifestyle plays an important role for your sufferings, if you follow better daily routines, exercise more and eat healthy, both your physical and emotional conditions can be enhanced, that brings a positive effect to you overall. In TCM terms, good life habits boost your spirit, promote essence replenishing and life force circulating; abundance in these three aspects ensures good health.
You need a keep fit plan.

At your age, abnormal virginal bleeding should take seriously.