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Title: Flu prevention herbs
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Jenny Posted - 22/3/2020 18:17:41
What herbs can be used for flu prevention?
TCM Posted - 23/3/2020 12:17:00
Flu in Chinese Medicine is viewed as a kind of infection that leads by exogenous wind evils. The exogenous pathogens mainly disturb the exterior body, causing symptoms like fever, headache, nasal congestion, runny noses, sneezing and chills.

Chinese physicians often divide flu patients into three types for treatment:

And the herbs for flu are aimed to expel the pathogens in the exterior body, the famous prescriptions are such as:

The above flu prescriptions are mainly worked by modulating the bodyˇ¦s self-defense abilities to fight against flu virus, some of the ingredients also can inhibit flu virus.

People like to take OTC flu drugs, however when taking the Chinese OTC for flu, it is more important to identify their own specific flu types as well as read the drug labels carefully.