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Title: Binge eating huge quantities
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Grant Posted - 14/3/2020 20:00:26

I am a very skinny person, but I am having a problem with binge eating massive quantities of food at night time (it used to only be once every 1 or 2 weeks, but is now every few days). I can eat close to 3lbs of food.

I eat oat porridge for breakfast, congee or soup for lunch, and vegetables with meat and some potatoes for dinner. It is pretty healthy and moderated portions (13-17 oz), but then I just binge at night until I feel pain in my chest and upper back.

After a few days I feel better from the binge but by then I am already fighting the urge to do it again. it is a vicious cycle.

Can you please give me some advice on possible treatments or dietary patterns I should follow?

I was planning on seeing a TCM doctor, but I don't really want to go public places right now due to the virus

TCM Posted - 19/3/2020 18:19:24
Besides the urge for eating, do you have other discomfort?
Do you have any health problem? Such as insomnia, diabetes or hyperthyroidism.
Are you smoking?

If not, then it is hard to relieve binge eating by medicinal methods.
The usual way of inhibit abnormal eating are like depressing appetite, slowdown intestinal digestion and absorption, or promoting bowel movements. However, these methods may not effective to binge eating.

Your dietary pattern is better followed according to lifestyle, e.g. early bird vs night owl, and the daily activities.
Also, qi-gong practice may help you calming down and more control yourself.