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Title: bleeding stomach cancer
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Cece Posted - 17/2/2020 2:14:33
are there any herbs that can stop or at least reduce the stomach cancer from bleeding? My father is newly diagnosed with metastasized stomach cancer. We know time is short but we want to reduce the blood loss from this bleeding cancer. He does have kidney problems, heart problems but that is not the main complaint as the blood loss makes dad anemic. Dad doesn't want chemotherapy.
TCM Posted - 21/2/2020 10:39:43
How is the condition of his stools? How long it has been last?
Chinese medicine can use herbs to stop the bleeding temporary, but it cannot resolve the root cause.

The bleeding is likely from the decayed cancer tissues, since cancer tissues need a lot of nutrition to support their growing and expansion, the rapid growth tissues are more fragile than normal tissues. The advice from your oncologist is important.

Traditional methods is more suitable as adjunct for cancer treatment, they cannot get rid of the cancer tissues directly; they are mainly applied to enhance the body's own anti-cancer forces and improve quality of life. Also, your father has kidney and heart problems, herbal remedies may put extra workload to these organs. It is better to find an experienced physician.