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Title: astma
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snoopdag Posted - 2/2/2020 3:54:54
what would we the approach, food , supplements, accupressure points, accupuncture for allergic astma,tightness of the chest, hickup, burning sensation of the muscles, no lack of muscle power, burning sensation of the lower belly, dry skin, dry red eyes , loss of eyesight when its dark
fred Posted - 10/2/2020 21:18:59

for proper solution to it. natural solution.

TCM Posted - 4/2/2020 14:42:30
Spring is the season for allergies. Precaution is more essential than treatment, as remedies can only relive the symptoms temporary. TCM physicians will focus on your internal disharmony as well as immediate environment to design a tailored remedy and also need to monitor your responses for some time, your health problem involving the lungs, digestive track, muscles, skin and eyes, complicated.