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Title: How to find a good TCM doc?
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AB Posted - 15/12/2019 12:45:27

I was wondering if there were some general guidelines for finding a good TCM practitioner in my area (Seattle).

I have some chronic conditions mostly cognitive, pain, fatigue, and digestive issues.

My feeling is that I am looking for a provider that can provide nutritional advice, acupuncture, and herbal medicine.

Someone once told me it is important to find someone who believes in strengthening digestion and providing tailored nutritional advice, in addition to any other treatments they provide, because without good digestion, the body cannot heal as well. Is this true?

Also, what can I expect in terms of cost?

TCM Posted - 20/12/2019 15:42:24
Chinese medicine is good for your condition. From a patient¡¦s viewpoint, the physician needs abundant clinical experiences and a good knowledge base:
1.Education and training from a well-recognized Chinese medicine institution; be familiar with a variety of medical knowledge such as anatomy, physiology, pathology and common disharmony patterns of diseases.
2.Properly understand both Western and Chinese medicine approaches, so that he or she is capable of integrating the advantages of these two medical practices.

AB Posted - 15/12/2019 12:46:30
I forgot, would a good practitioner share information about my pattern diagnosis? e.g. is a good sign if they tell me what kind of pattern they diagnose?