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Title: thirst and sweet taste
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May Posted - 4/10/2019 10:18:31
I drink a lot of water but still feel thirsty, and also I experience a sweet taste in my mouth in the morning, what happen?
TCM Posted - 8/10/2019 12:29:57
Thirst and drinking a lot indicate excess heat damaging the body fluids.

When individuals also have sweating and feverish sensation, the bodyˇ¦s qi is over-heated;
When individuals also have mouth dryness and irritability, the bodyˇ¦s qi and fluids are exhausted;
When individuals also have fatigue, limb heaviness, a low appetite and hot urine, the body has accumulated excess heat and dampness;
When individuals experience dry and cracked lips, throat dryness, dry skin, dry stools and even dry coughing, besides fluid damages, the lungs are lack of lubrication.
When individuals experience a sweet taste in mouth, there may be heat accumulated in the spleen.