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Title: St Johns Wort
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Elizabeth Humphries Posted - 14/8/2019 23:16:53
Hi everyone, I love this web site. My question is that I want to take St John's Wort because I feel a little depressed but on the leaflet it says it is contra-indicative to thyroid medication. can anyone advise me on this matter please.

thanks, and so glad there is a forum on here. I have just started studying TCM with an online course and loving it.

TCM Posted - 23/8/2019 11:00:05
If this is what the label suggested, then you should be cautious.
For Chinese medicine, remedies are prescribed in herbal combinations, and the dose of each ingredient is relatively low. Therefore Chinese physicians often suggest having 4-hour interval when taking both western medicine and supplement herbs.

Depressive mood is often associated with liver qi stagnation, the beneficial remedies are like http://www.shen-nong.com/eng/herbal/menopause_formula5.html