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Title: lower cholesterol
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Henry Posted - 19/7/2019 15:51:10
I have heart problem, and high cholesterol, what herbs do you recommend?

TCM Posted - 23/7/2019 15:22:35
Too much cholesterol increases your risk of heart problem; however there are other factors that also harm your heart, such as your diet, over weight, inadequate exercise, unstable mood, uncontrolled blood pressure, and high blood sugar level. Instead of using one single ingredient to lower cholesterol, TCM physician will prescribe herbs to enhance the body against most of these risk factors. Remedies are prescribed according to personal conditions, http://www.shen-nong.com/eng/lifestyles/tcmrole_obesityweight_type.html

It is more desirable to see physician and get a tailor remedy. Some of the beneficial herbal prescriptions are: