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Title: Standing? Jade Toad Practice
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LT Posted - 8/6/2019 10:54:36
Hello Everyone at the Shen-nong.com website,

I am wondering about the "The Jade Toad Practice" on this page:

I have neck and back discomfort when I attempt it, unable to find a comfortable position.

Can the practice be done while standing? Do you know of anyone who was able to achieve weight loss to a healthy weight by doing the practice standing? Here I assume, you leave arms at your sides and practice everything else; mental focusing, breathing and closing practice, only the posture changes to simply, comfortably standing?

I Thank You! in advance for taking the time to reply.

Have a nice rest of your day.


TCM Posted - 15/6/2019 12:31:56
Of course you can do it on standing position.
A main purpose of this practice is to exercise the abdominal wall so as massaging the internal organs and reducing body fat, standing position can also have the effect. The suggested posture helps individuals to be more focus and durable on the practice.