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Title: Ancient Chinese Treatment
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Patrik Yee Posted - 4/6/2019 10:08:25
Two years I have been receiving old Chinese Needle Treatment( looks like acupunture but NO needle poked into skin but just lightly touch)..My heart block clear within 4 visits( one month 4 times). For these two years i have seen treatment for EAR who need hearing aid,breat cancer, thyroid swollen/cancer,ovarian. cervical cancer, lump cancer... all sort of sickness & fully cured within few months. Swollen thyroid can see immediately reduced smaller. All use simple needle touch & no special chinese herbs but just simple herbs caost penny.. Unfortunately, this is going to lost as no successor from this chinese master in g
If he touched any part of your body, u can be stop movement or numb..like the old chines movie JLQ
sorry i can read chinese but not good in writing.
Patrik Yee Posted - 27/6/2019 12:37:01
Yes. Of course. Many of them been treated by the hospital in normal western clinical method but cannot be cured. But this ancient treatment just need few treatment & is done...One previuos case was like this...
pregnant mom got diagnosed with lc~FCCCso if operation to remove this lc~; then baby need to be aborted or might hurt the proper development of baby...so decide to do this ancient treatment ..Now baby is one year old & healthy & mom also good health WITHOUT operation...
My case is heart artileries blocked & chest pain.. so few needle treatment & is done... haha.
Magic... I am thinking to write a record on this method cos nobody learnt this ....
TCM Posted - 15/6/2019 12:25:16
Did the health problems you mentioned are diagnosed by doctors.