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Title: semen in urine
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is Posted - 4/3/2019 22:45:26
during urination, i lose some semen. It is noticeable as it is sticky and viscous. However, it is transparent.
Since i noticed this problem, i feel weak legs, pale face.
I feel a little pain at the beginning of urination.
My urine is clear, not too copious.

My tongue is pale, swollen, with teethmarks. I have a greasy coating, sometimes yellow sometimes less. the coating is much thicker at the rear. I also have red pimples (big solid spots,1-2mm thick) on the rear of the tongue (kidney/bladder area).
I have little tiny read dots on front tongue (Heart heat?)
I have no problem getting to sleep.

I have nocturnal emissions with dreams.
im 21.
Can you help me sort this out?
I'm sure i have Kidney yang deficiency, but I know that's not all.

Thanks in advance.

TCM Posted - 6/3/2019 16:46:28
When did you see the semen coming out, at the beginning, middle or end of urination?
How long does this happen?
Do you also experience sensitive to low temperatures, ear ringing, or lumbar soreness?
How is your bowel and do you feel thirst easily?
Besides kidney deficiency, yin deficiency and damp-heat accumulation may also exist based on your signs.
However, you better consult a professional for specific advice.
If this has happened for some time, then you definitely need proper treatment, in order to prevent it developing into a chronic and lingering case.