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Title: After gallbladder removal?
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Leo Posted - 18/2/2019 1:44:56
May I ask you, what diet (or what kind of herbs) should use people whose gallbladder was removed?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Leo Posted - 25/2/2019 6:58:37
TCM, thank you very much!
TCM Posted - 23/2/2019 11:50:29
Individuals with gallbladder removal usually suffer from indigestion, abdominal pain or increased bowels. A plain and easy digest diet is necessary. You should also avoid being too full, and limit the amount of greasy, fat, raw or frozen food.

In Chinese medicine, the above signs indicate a spleen deficiency disharmony:
The beneficial ingredients for you include pumpkin, glutinous rice, red dates, chest nut, lotus seed, shiitake mushroom, hyacinth bean, beef, quail, pork stomach, pilose asiabell root, largehead atractylodes rhizome, liquorice root, hawthorn fruit and Chinese yam