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Title: Fungus of a pinky toe - help!!
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Stella Posted - 14/2/2019 10:03:47
Hi all,
My dear close friend, age 32, female, has the most persistent fungus in both pinky toes. She has no nail, the fungus are part of the root. She tried all sorts of treatments, like oregano oil, etc., all the things that helped others - but no luck.

I was sure this is a reflection of some internal organs and I have checked the TCM, and found out that this area belongs to the gallbladder meridian. Which was a shock for me as it can make sense: he had her gallbladder surgically removed a 5-6 years ago.

Can you please advise if a removal of an organ can cause such issues and how in this case her body is affected by that?

Also, how she can recover?

She also has problems with her stomach - ulcers.

Apart from that, she is healthy, active, but stressed out quite often.

Thank you for all your help in advance. I much appreciate it.

Spela Posted - 15/2/2019 18:22:14
Thank you so much for your help. I gave her the copy of your guidance and she will work on that.

All the best to you,

TCM Posted - 14/2/2019 15:04:34
Typical signs of athlete's foot are peeling, redness, itching, burning, and sometimes blisters and sores. Chinese medicine will treat athleteˇ¦s foot according to the severity of these signs in the infected area, and usually the disharmony is associated with internal damp-heat or wind-heat leading to dryness, rather than with specific organs.
Besides the treatment for the infection, good personal hygiene must follow in order to prevent from recurrence. Also, it is helpful to see a doctor for proper diagnosis, if the condition doesn't improve after self-treatment.

A balanced lifestyle is beneficial to stomach ulcer.