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Title: Blood Deficiency/Qi Stagnation
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Denise Marion Posted - 27/1/2019 3:04:51
This might seem like an odd question, I've asked it of our TCM practitioner but, I guess I don't understand the response. This is in regards to my 10.5 yr old female Doberman. She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma that presented as a tumor on her spleen. Of course they removed it along with the spleen. Her prognosis was very bad, 4 months at most. This was in June 17. We opted against chemo, changed diet, used western and eastern herbs, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc. She's been doing well but, the last couple weeks I've seen a big decline. We thought it had spread to the bones of the foot but xrays showed severe arthritis (think xray of someone with RA). She has pain everywhere that improves slightly with Legend/hyaluronic acid and Pentosan injections. Everything about her screams blood deficiency but when she no longer has a spleen I guess I can't grasp how to help this. She gets Jing Tang body sore, bone stasis and shen calmer with six gentle pets (I forget that brand). She also gets mushroom mix, golden paste, liquid Rehmannia & Astragalus, homeopathics and Tramadol for pain, Apocaps for aptosis, probiotis & digestive enzymes and fish oil. And I cook her food based on the cancer diet for dogs. And if you're wondering after all of that if I'm blood deficient too, that would be yes. But one thing at a time.

I'm worried that something isn't being prioritized correctly with the bazillion supplements. Any thoughts and explanation on the now missing spleen would help a lot as would any suggestions about additional support.

Thank you

TCM Posted - 30/1/2019 10:56:01
Anatomic spleen is not totally equivalent to TCM spleen.
In modern medicine, spleen is a large vascular lymphoid organ.
In TCM, spleen is described as a functional unit that involves many vital activities of the body.

Spleen removal mainly results in low immune resistance and blood component disorder; from a TCM view, there will have qi deficiency (mostly lung qi deficiency) and blood stasis. Therefore appropriate herbs should be included. Also herbs that can relieve joint pain are beneficial.