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Title: Chronic illness
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Jessie Posted - 26/11/2018 11:30:58
Hi all. I have been pretty darn sick for the past 5 years. It seems like I・ve had symptoms of disharmony from just about every organ, which as a 24 year old female is not normal, nor healthy.

My main concern for this topic is my kidneys/ liver. For years I have had kidney pain that comes and goes. It is an incredibly uncomfortable heavy, dull ache (feels like a sand bag, Especially in my right kidney). I also have very bad low blood sugar problems, I・m never able to keep my blood sugar up. When it drops (multiple times a day) I get many symptoms, such as: extreme brain fog, dizziness, loss of coordination, anxiety, shakiness, weakness, fatigue, etc.

I・ve been learning a lot about TCM the past few months, and love it. However, I・m a bit perplexed whether I may have kidney yin or yang deficiency, etc. Therefore, I・m weary on which herbs to take, because I don・t wish to exasperate the problem further. If anyone has any insight, experience, or advise, I would be so grateful! I・m pretty darn desperate (have been!) thank you!

TCM Posted - 7/12/2018 18:07:09
What is your blood sugar level?
What medications are you taking?
Do you have other health problems?
Low blood sugar is potentially dangerous condition and may lead to serious harm to you.
You should first control your blood sugar by conventional doctor, and then seek an experienced Chinese physician to resolve your lumbar soreness.
There can be many possible disharmonies that related to your condition, and herbs are not effective to control your low blood sugar crisis.