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Jakob Posted - 16/11/2018 16:30:14
Since my early teens (since about 12 years) I am strongly underweight. I eat more than average but do not gain any weight. I once managed to force myself to eat 4000 kcal per day for two month which led to the gain of 7 kg but this kind of lifestyle that is moslty about eating is not easy to maintain over a longer period of time. So I am wondering if there is maybe a TCM way to gain healthy weight.
Besides the underweight I do not really suffer from any problems. Maybe bad mood more often than other people but besides that I am fit.

TCM Posted - 19/11/2018 16:13:57
How old are you?
What is your target weight?
A 4,000-calorie diet should be limited to highly active persons or those recommended by doctors. Since you have gained 7kg within 2 months, which means you have a normal metabolism and already in your optimal weight. If you want to change your body type, some life habits are below:

Chinese medicine methods can be applied to increase your body metabolism or stimulate appetite; however it is better to consult a dietary professional for designing a diet plan that fits your physical condition and nutritional requirement.