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Title: TCM for Arthritis
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Tea at Three Posted - 2/11/2018 16:10:25
My mother is suffering from arthritis. Sometimes her leg swells and she applies herbal oil as a relief.

She is 45 years old as of the time of composition. She kind of let her body be abused by working too much and neglects proper care. I'm worrying now, especially we have no money. And I'm not in favor of western medicine.

May some kindred spirit took notice of our shortcomings and have the heart to help us with the truest information that will be provided.

Thanks in advance!

TC¢Û Posted - 7/11/2018 18:07:03
So how long she has been suffered?
Any factor or condition that may aggravate her problem, such as weather, fatigue or body movement?
What is the diagnosis by doctors?
Arthritis has many types, it is best to manage according to underlying causes.

There is a saying in Chinese medicine, ¡§stagnation of qi and blood may bring about pain,¡¨ herbal bath is a proper way to promote circulation and relieve joint pain.