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Title: Nausea in Menopause
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Paula Posted - 5/10/2018 10:54:57
I don't have the typical symptoms like hot flushes or insomnia. My main problem is nausea. I feel nauseous all day. Ginger doesn't help. What can I do about it? Which hormones are not in balance?
Another problem is water retention in legs, feet and mainly abdomen and no energy.
TCM Posted - 8/10/2018 10:20:07
Due to a disrupted hormonal balance in menopause period, the whole body is undergoing changes and many influential factors are involved, a wide array of symptoms appear, and the frequency and intensity vary greatly from person to person. However, have you consulted a doctor to rule out any potential risk for other health problems?

In Chinese medicine, nausea, swelling and low energy indicate accumulation of dampness and phlegm inside the body, and are mainly associated with spleen and stomach dysfunction.

Ginger is not enough to solve your problem, you need a remedy that aims at promoting yang, resolving excess body fluid, and harmonizing stomach activity.