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Title: Summer Acne On Face
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D Posted - 2/9/2018 1:41:59
(1) What can I do to prevent summer acne on my face (particularly forehead & eyebrow areas) that usually occurs between April & August of each year, when it's hot & humid (UK). By September, skin begins to clear, and gets more clear throughout the colder months. What can I also do to aid the fading of acne scars?

(2) Also, what can generally help with emotions of Apathy, Lack of Inspiration, Hopelessness?

TCM Posted - 3/9/2018 18:12:55
In Chinese medicine, acne indicates accumulated heat inside the body, which is closely associated with unhealthy life habits, such as stay overnight, too much hot and spicy food, smoking, excess wine consumption, drinking inadequate water and poor bowel movements.
Healthy lifestyle can ensure balanced bodily environment and peaceful mind, below are TCM tips on good living: