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Title: Questions about Lu Jiao (Cornu
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Vinicius Posted - 10/8/2018 4:01:58
Hello, I live in Brazil and am specializing in Chinese herbs, but in my country the use of animas in the compositions of the Chinese formulas is totally restricted.

Could someone tell me some weed that can be used instead of Lu Jiao?

sls Posted - 10/8/2018 12:17:41
Lujiao (Cervi Cornu)
Function: To warm the kidney yang, strengthen tendons and bones, move blood and relieve swelling.

Chinese herbs which is warm in nature such as Cistanches Herba, Cynomorii Herba can also reinforce kidney-yang.
Acanthopanacis Cortex can also strengthen the tendons and bones.
Depends on which function of Lujiao you are concentrating.