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Title: Magarite Acne Pills and Herbs
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Christina Posted - 30/6/2018 10:49:31

I recently went to a Chinese Herb place and I told the owner about my issues with my acne. I am 23 years old and only got acne on my cheeks and chin about 2 years ago. It has only gotten worse after these 2 years. The lady recommended me to take this packet of assorted herbs for acne from the Double Horse Brand. She also recommended me to take the Magarite Acne Pills. Has anyone used these pills and have they worked for you? And do they have any side effects? It says to take 6 pills, 2-3 times daily, which worries me a little.

Thank you so much!

sls Posted - 4/7/2018 15:41:40
Under TCM theory, cheeks and chin close to the position and route of Stomach meridian. Acne on cheeks and chin maybe due to stomach heat or caused by overeating of hot pungent food. You can try to reduce the consumption of frying, baking, sweeten, oily and fatty food. Eat more vegetables, fruits, drink water rather than soft drinks.

About the pills, I try to find the formulation from the internet. The ingredients is mostly heat-clearing, blood-cooling and detoxicating medicinal. It looks safe but is not suitable for pregnancy. If you have any adverse effect such as indigestion then you should consult your practitioner.