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Title: Remedy for dry cough
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Robin Posted - 12/5/2018 8:33:30
My teenage son has had a cough for two weeks and coughs about every 30 seconds. We've been to the doctor several times and to a pulmonologist. They have ruled out viruses, have given antibiotics, and have stated that he doesn't have asthma. He is fatigued and can't attend school. His cough is dry, there is no phlegm. We also went to an allergist who gave us some herbal medications that could help support his lungs long-term. But his cough continues and he is in pain. Does anyone have any remedies that have helped this type of situation?
sls Posted - 14/5/2018 12:14:41
Tradition Chinese medicine diagnosis of the syndrome through comprehensive analysis of symptoms and signs for determining the cause, nature and location of the illness and the patientˇ¦s physical condition, and their treatment.
There are many different types of Cough. E.g. dry cough which is cough with no or little expectoration. Treatment approach would be ˇ§moisten the lungˇ¨ by using yin-nourishing and lung-moistening medicinals to treat cough due to lung dryness.

Some classic Formulae such as
Mulberry and Apricot Decoction http://www.shen-nong.com/chi/exam/cough_formula2.html
and Increase the Fluids Decoction

It is highly recommended to make a detailed physical examination, in case of any recessive disease