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Title: Preventing sexual dysfunction
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Lindsay Posted - 8/5/2018 5:59:54
Hello, I am currently a student practitioner of acupunture and pursuing my masters of oriental medicine. I am doing a research paper for a history course in Chinese medicine. I am looking for any source texts that would be helpful for the history in preventing sexual dysfunction and maintaining healthy libido through life. For men and women. Any references are greatly appreciated.
sls Posted - 14/5/2018 12:50:36
FYR. Hope it may help.
Jì Yáng Gāng Mù Outline for Men's Diseases济阳纲目
Ji Yin Gangmu; Outline for Women's Diseases 濟陰綱目
Fù qīng zhǔ nánkē傅青主男科
Sheng Ji Zonglu; General Records of Holy Universal Relief 聖濟總錄