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A review of stories making the headlines

Acupuncture pricks the imagination of Russian students
Chinadaily.com.cn, 3 August 2015

A group of Russian university students are attending activities at seven institutes of higher learning in Sichuan, the activities include lectures on Chinese and Sichuan culture, informal discussions, sight visiting of historical and cultural importances in the province and cooking class for Sichuan dishes. The event organized by the Chinese foreign ministry and Sichuan provincial departments of education and foreign and overseas Chinese affairs.

China's FDA calls for verification data on clinical trials
Outsourcing-pharma.com , 3 August 2015

China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) began mandating that drug registration applicants self-inspect and verify clinical data to ensure that it's authentic and reliable. The circular issued calls on the applicants of 1,622 pending drug registration applications. It also calls on the companies to focus on whether the country's database is consistent with the original data, and whether there are changes in data.

Endangered wildlife killed for products sold at Chinese medicine shops
Thejakartapost.com , 5 August 2015

Much of the wildlife being killed for their parts are on the endangered species list or protected animals but many traditional Chinese medicine shops nationwide are stocking the products. The sale of such illegal products is rampant although very few shops actually display them. There needs to be an awareness programme and more research to see if herbs can be a substitute, industrial leader said.

Maharashtra cabinet clears Bill for setting up acupuncture council
Newsworldindia.in , 5 August 2015

Maharashtra state cabinet has decided to set up a council to regulate the practice of acupuncture and establish standards regarding education and registration of practitioners. The cabinet approved a Bill that will enable the establishment of a council for this traditional system of Chinese medicine and lay down guidelines regarding teaching, curriculum, and registration of practitioners.

Acupuncture frees movement from sports injuries
Healthcmi.com , 6 August 2015

Researchers from the Physical Education Institute at Zhengzhou University investigated the effects of TCM style acupuncture and herbs on amateur and professional athletes suffering from motor impairments. Areas of the neck, back, and limbs were investigated. They concluded that restoration of motility is significant as a result of applying acupuncture and herbs. However, an additive effect was discovered by combining acupuncture and herbs into a therapeutic regimen.

Premier Chinese Medicine fair opens next week
Acnnewswire.com , 6 August 2015

14th edition of the International Conference & Exhibition of the Modernization of Chinese Medicine & Health Products (ICMCM) will run from 13 to 15 August at the Hong Kong. The fair features more than 120 exhibitors from nine countries and regions. Among the event highlights is the two-day ICMCM Conference (13-14 August), under the theme "CM Research & Commercialization on Cardiovascular Diseases".

Quality control set for endangered Tibetan medicine
Ecns.cn , 7 August 2015

Medicine experts in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region have announced a quality evaluation standard for Mirabilis Himalaica, an endangered herb used in Tibetan medicine to promote urination and treat many kidney related diseases. They established an evaluation method by combining both component measurement and the analysis of infrared spectroscopy, the first quality control standard among rare Tibetan medicine herbs.

Can synthetic bile finally free the moon bears?
Scmp.com , 8 August 2015

Mainland manufacturer Kaibao Pharmaceuticals buys an estimated 18 tonnes of powdered bile each year, roughly equivalent to half of the total wholesale supply. Fortunately, the company has just announced that its lab has successfully synthesised a full substitute for use in traditional Chinese medicine under a state-subsidised scheme worth US$1.8 million. It appears Kaibao has used poultry bile to mimic the entire chemical makeup of the bear bile.

Traditional Chinese Medicine used to help DMD patients in study
Musculardystrophynews.com , 10 August 2015

For children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), acupuncture and TCM methods hold potential to help alleviate symptoms and enhance muscle function. A team of researchers combined a number of alternative therapies along with drug therapy to create a treatment regimen for DMD patients. During the study, the regimen resulted in a significant improvement in physical function and reduced inflammation in the patients' bodies.

TCM physician suspended for improperly issuing MCs
Channelnewsasia.com , 12 August 2015

A Traditional Chinese Medicine physician has been suspended and fined for issuing more than 100 medical certificates without adequately examining her patients' medical conditions. According to the news release by TCM Practitioners Board, the physician had given out as many as 122 medical certificates to 109 students of a private school between Dec 2, 2013, and March 12, 2014. This amounted to professional misconduct and negligence.

AAMG to co-develop China health project
Todayonline.com , 13 August 2015

Asian American Medical Group (AAMG) has acquired a 60% stake in real estate outfit Rich Tree Land (RTL) for S$19.6 million to jointly develop an advanced diagnostic and wellness medical centre at Zhuhai in Southern China. The project, which is estimated to cost about S$80 million, is expected to be completed by 2017. The project will be able to service Zhuhai's local affluent population, as well as leverage on the region's medical tourism potential.

WHO collaborating center on traditional medicine inaugurates in Macao
English.news.cn , 18 August 2015

An international forum and a WHO collaborating center on traditional medicines was inaugurated in Macao. "Traditional medicine has gained wider acceptance in the last decade," said Margaret Chan, director-general of the WHO. The new Center in Macao, together with others, are valuable centers for sharing experiences and best practices in the development of nation policies on traditional and complementary medicine, she noted.

News Analysis: better logistics management gives a leg up to China's economy
English.news.cn , 20 August 2015

China has vowed more efforts to build an effective logistics system with the hope of facilitating consumption. Measures would be taken to lower logistics cost, encourage competition and strengthen supervision. China has made great progress in piloting the digital tracking system in recent years, a tracking system for meat and vegetables was introduced to 58 cities, while 18 provinces and cities have a system to track traditional Chinese medicine.

Chinese medical workers wrap up Russia journey to treat WWII veterans
Ecns.cn , 20 August 2015

A group of Chinese specialists of traditional medicine have wrapped up their 46-day journey in Russia, where they treated Second World War (WWII) veterans for free with massage, acupuncture, cupping therapy and other traditional methods. The charity project, organized by China's provincial Heilongjiang Television station and five Chinese hospitals, is aiming to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII.

Asia: Beijing prescribes Chinese Medicine to improve MICE Health
Internationalmeetingsreview.com , 21 August 2015

Collaboration among the Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development (BMCTD), TCM associations and inbound tour operators are underway to invigorate Beijing's MICE industry. Official explained that as Beijing being a relatively mature MICE destination, has limited scope for the exploration of new venues, BMCTD had decided to dangle TCM products and experiences as a new attraction for business event groups.

Acupuncture may reduce high blood pressure
Medicalnewstoday.com , 21 August 2015

In the journal Medical Acupuncture, the team describes finding how electroacupuncture can lower blood pressure for up to 6 weeks in patients with hypertension. The researchers say their findings suggest that with regular use, electroacupuncture could help people manage their blood pressure and reduce their risk of heart disease and stroke in the longer term. 70% of treated patients experienced noticeable drop in blood pressure.

They left city jobs to farm roaches in their home village
Newsinfo.inquirer.net , 22 August 2015

Encouraged by government policies that urge entrepreneurship amid a glut of university graduates, many of them are bringing a modern twist to the traditional agricultural sector. They buck a trend that has for years seen millions migrate from villages to cities instead in search of a better life. For example, cockroach farming is a fast-growing business as China looks for new and cheaper medicine for its ageing population.

Erectile dysfunction drugs added to 'medicinal wines' in China
Wantchinatimes.com , 23 August 2015

The CFDA announced that 69 medical wines produced by 51 enterprises have illegally added chemicals such as sildenafil, triggering concerns over food safety issues in the country. The enterprises include some renowned brands, and sildenafil is used to treat erectile dysfunction and hypertension. This is not the first time illegal additives to medicinal wines have been exposed.

Doubts remain about the effectiveness of ginseng
Scmp.com , 24 August 2015

Ginseng has a reputation as a wonder herb with various benefits that include boosting immunity and energy, but doubts remain about its effectiveness. According to Hong Kong-based nutritionist Courtney Moskal, ginseng has some valid applications, including helping treat stress, boosting the immune system and fighting infections such as colds and the flu, improved glucose level control in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Stop buying animal-based goods
Thestar.com , 25 August 2015

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have urged people not to buy animal-based products, particularly those from endangered or protected species. This follows the shocking news that the Sumatran rhino has been deemed extinct in Malaysia due to habitat destruction and being poached for its horn. Industrial leader said customers should only buy medicines from reputable shops that did not deal with black market trade.

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