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Kristof Posted - 22/10/2021 8:15:25
I have started drinking 'White Needle' tea for the health benefit. My question is how many times can loose white tea leaves be reused, before the medicinal component is lost? So far I have steeped it five different times, with no loss of taste, but I am not drinking tea for the taste.

I tried asking the question at two tea forums, but no one seems to know (or care) about the medicinal action. Anyone here know the answer?

TCM Posted - 9/12/2021 12:49:10
White Needle tea is precious because it can only be produced in one small area in China, and the supply is very limited, unlike others such as green tea or puer tea.
Chinese usually drink it for one day, the long-lasting taste means you had bought a good quality one.
The health benefits are similar to tea in general: