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Title: Very Little sweating
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Vinesh Parekh Posted - 25/6/2021 2:27:08
I am suffering from Anhidrosis from birth. I only sweat a little on face but not sweating at all on any other parts of my body. I am looking for a treatment to cure the disease and to make sweat glands function. If there are any herbs I can use to reduce the body temperature then please let me know.
Thank you,
TCM Posted - 29/6/2021 12:31:52
If you are inherited, then it is difficulty to cure.
In Chinese medicine view, you are in a congenital essence deficiency, physicians will select herbs to reinforce the kidney, replenish essence, harmonize blood and regulate the internal environment, which can improve quality of life. There are many herbs available, but they should be prescribed based on your specific needs.