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Title: tcm food for senile dementia
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Leo Posted - 7/3/2021 3:02:49
May I ask you, what food could help with senile dementia and bad memory?

I read that decline of person's "jing" essence results in decline of his brains.

Can we help that condition by diet with, for example, pig's kidneys, brains, heart, sesam seeds or some other foods?

Thank you in advance.

TCM Posted - 8/3/2021 14:56:50
In Chinese medicine view, brain marrow is derived from kidney essence and food nutrients,thus healthy diet is important to prevent brain dysfunction.

Generally, protein rich foods are beneficial to the brain and marrow, including daily products, egg, meat, fish, animal liver, beans; green leafy and fruits are recommended; while animal fat and sugar should be limited.

Dementia and bad memory are usually associated with depletion of brain marrow, spleen and kidney deficiencies, turbid-phlegm obstructed orifices, and blood stasis obstruction. It is better to consult a physical for proper evaluations, as although it is a brain problem, individuals also have organ disharmonies, and certain complex pathologies.