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Title: 30year old balding
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t Posted - 8/2/2021 10:20:48
hello we do not have any family members being bald but i noticed that my younger brother has started to have a receding hair line and in the last year he has lost a lot of hair due to stress. His top part is balding and hair thinning:( i have noticed the forehead is always very oily which may block follicles. Is this because of his kidney and spleen? can you give advice on how to help him with this?


yann Posted - 31/3/2021 20:50:28
balding seems to be related to blood weakness, or heat in some meridians.
Blood is not rich enough.

Take this with a grain of salt, i am learning tcm since only 6 months.
Resting and restoring the energy should help, however this won't be done in a few days.

TCM Posted - 1/3/2021 14:46:53
Baldness is a source of distress for many people, there is still not enough understanding about it, and permanent solution is not available.

In TCM viewpoint, oily scalp and hair loss are mainly associated with spleen weakness and damp-heat accumulation inside the body. This is a condition that needs long term management, besides regular treatment, healthy living is necessary. A plain diet with rich minerals such as iodine, calcium, iron and vitamin E is especially beneficial.

Physicians usually treat according to the staging of baldness, and a range of methods will be employed, including oral remedies, tropical remedies, washing, acupuncture, and ear padding.