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Title: 2 ectopic (tubal pregnancies)
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Michaela Posted - 30/8/2020 22:08:20
Hi, I am 27 years old. I have had 2 ectopic(tubal) pregancies. I suffer with PMS breast tenderness, irritability, bloating 1 weeks before period. Period Last 6-7 days. Bleading starts with brownish spotting and second day is heavy bleeding with small clots. Hot bottle on underbelly help with cramps. Pain is dull and it start before menses and last 3-4 days. I also suffer with acne. No migraines at all. Is there any herbal formula for my problem?
Thanks Michaela.
TCM Posted - 4/9/2020 17:31:52
Try to consult a physician:

An individualized remedy may be helpful

Michaela Posted - 31/8/2020 19:36:11
My last ectopic pregnancy was a year ago. Doctor have suggested to try keep conceive but I gave up. He said he doesn't know what is wrong with me. Vaginal discharge is white or clear and it doesn't smell strong. Another problem I had was reccurent bladder infections.
TCM Posted - 31/8/2020 11:41:53
When was your last ectopic pregnancy?
What is the smell of your vaginal discharge?
Your menstrual bleeding may indicate that your uterine lining is not healthy enough to go through a complete menstrual cycle.
What is the suggestion of your gynecologist?
A simple uterine curettage might be the first step sometimes.