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Title: I am having procitis inflamed
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Deep Posted - 20/6/2020 15:09:10
Inflamed rectum and bloody mucus in stool and pain near anus.
TCM Posted - 2/7/2020 12:27:58
What did your western doctor say about your problems?
What treatment do you taking?
From a modern anatomic view, prostate and rectum are two insolated organs (urinary vs diaestive); they are separated by thick soft tissues and should be viewed as individual disease cases.

TCM applies a holistic approach in treatment that means its remedy might able to target both inflamed rectum and prostate exclusively, however physicians still divide them into primary and secondary, based on your overall manifestations.

Inflammatory conditions are usually associated with damp-heat; prostate and rectum are located in the lower abdomen, therefore it is likely that the damp-heat is accumulated in the lower burner.

For proper diagnosis and treatment, you should consult your local physician.