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Title: Paraurethal Cyst
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Sophia Posted - 28/4/2020 1:36:06
I have a suspected paraurethal Cyst. What is usually the cause of it in Chinese Medicine? Is it to do with excess dampness or excess heat? How can I treat it? Through ingesting herbs to detoxify lymphatic ? or external mixture to draw out the cyst. I would love to know how and why I have recently got it? I would love to know the root cause, not to just address the symptom.
TCM Posted - 29/4/2020 11:39:19
How old are you? It is said that this condition usually appears in child.
Paraurethal cyst is a bulging yellowish-white mass that can narrow the urethral outlet. It is a benign mass that either resolves itself or can be easily treated with a surgical cut.

Paraurethal cyst is a diagnosis by modern anatomic medicine, Chinese medicine knows little about the condition, physicians will treat it only when the lesion is blocked, infected or has pain.

From TCM view, the private region is likely irritated by damp-heat pathogens, herbal soaking and washing may be helpful for the cyst to resolve.
Herbs for localized steaming and bath as below: