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Sylvia Posted - 17/4/2020 10:22:12
Probems before the menses
Strange annealing in the throat when I swallow ,disturbed sleep ( after or around 3AM, sometimes in 11PM as I go to sleep at 21:30h), one ore two red ulcers inside of lips - not painfup, without any pain in stomach,
dry skin on the legs only, no chest pain but previously present fibroid,no headache, only a short 3 days before menstruation.
I have one polyp endometrosis.
Do you have some suggest how to help myself..massage, acupressure..points .. how to solve heat and have balance agsin. Hormon results ok.
Greetings from Serbia

TCM Posted - 29/4/2020 11:03:31
Glad to know that your treatment works, seem like you are weak and the headache, may be signs for blood deficiency.
Sylvia Posted - 23/4/2020 21:43:22
Dear Sir, Madam..

Thank you for answer. No any breath..even in the morning bad breath, no thirst,normal urine so no yellowish and scanty urine ( only little oxsalate ),no dizziness, no lumbar soreness, no hot flush.. due to night sweat it was sometimes present first day of the menses. Tongue normal color. The menses was before dark red, no purple..dark red but with big clots sometimes.. After 2 months of drinking Vitex and inositol and massage and pressing with acc.needles points LV1,SP 4,8,6,10 , HN1, GV20 - color is normal after that without clors..but very weak. Only 2-3 days. Previous it was maybe heavy..if I comment amount- but finaly I am not sure what is normal. Fibrom in the breast present from my 17..
Headache present only third day of the menses. I had never problem with that.
Thank you

TCM Posted - 23/4/2020 12:01:49
1.Oral ulcers are associated with yin deficiency in Chinese Medicine. The ulcers may be various according to the types of yin deficiency:
Do you have other signs? Such as bad breath, thirst, yellowish and scanty urine, dizziness, lumbar soreness, hot flush and night sweat.
How is the amount and texture of your menstrual flow?

2.The throat sign and breast lump may be associated with liver qi stagnation.

Lifestyle modification is important for premenstrual problems:

Suggest you follow some health tips for qi stagnation and yin deficiency:

For better result, you should consult a physician.

Sylvia Posted - 23/4/2020 1:21:49
Any comment?
Thank you in advance
SB Posted - 20/4/2020 3:07:07
I read that the uterus is associated with the heart, liver, spleen and kidneys.

Also that throat coughing and irritation may be associated to Conception and Thoroughfare Vessel..same as polyp.
I solved coughing with pressing some points but this is just for that moment..begore each menstrulation same problem. Additional problem is to stay pregnet.So there is probably some suggest and recommendation what to do..what to try..