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Title: Middle finger pain swelling
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Rachel Posted - 14/4/2020 6:52:35
Greetings, I have looked far and wide for some assistance with my right middle finger and knuckle area which are consistently swollen. After excessive use on the computer or stressful situations or too much texting ˇX-which I certainly limit, I noticed it is worse. When I am super super relaxed of course the swelling goes down. A chronic adrenal issue? I just canˇ¦t figure out how to remedy this. I do my best to calm my adrenals and calm myself so that I donˇ¦t have any stress which seems subconscious Bc I feel overall good. however it appears there is a correlation w stress and overuse - but itˇ¦s just stressful knowing that it hurts so much. itˇ¦s a catch 22. I have had leaky gut on and off, issues however The pain in my right hand and finger has been going on for over a year acutely- and itˇ¦s very disconcerting.
Any ideas you could offer would be amazing. Thank you
TCM Posted - 15/4/2020 12:28:16
It seems like you are suffering ˇ§stenosing tenosynovitisˇ¨, also known as trigger finger.

TCM methods are helpful to your inflamed condition. In TCM views, the tendon problem can be due to overuse, tissue damages, or external coldness invasion that resulted in stagnated blood and qi flowing, and under nourishment of the local region. The remedies are provided to unblock the local circulation, promote tendon repairing, and relieve swollen and painful condition.

Acupuncture: relieve pain and swelling, anti-inflame, and promote circulation.
Oral remedy: e.g. http://www.shen-nong.com/eng/herbal/formula22.html
External remedy: http://www.shen-nong.com/eng/treatment/sauna.html
Massage: http://www.shen-nong.com/eng/treatment/massage_acupressure_techniques_health_upperlimbs.html
Lifestyle: http://www.shen-nong.com/eng/lifestyles/health_tips_for_different_body_constitutions_of_tcm.html#7

Pay special attention to keep the hand warm and rest properly.