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Title: Heart and Lung deficient?
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AB Posted - 16/1/2020 3:26:02
Two different TCM providers have remarked that my heart and lung were born with deficiency. But they did not specify what type of deficiency.

For heart and lung deficiency from birth, what does it mean? Qi? Yang? Yin?

TCM Posted - 20/1/2020 12:01:56
What is your health problem? How do you feel?
TCM descriptions on organ deficiencies are associated with how you present the symptoms and signs.
You should first find out what aspects of your heart and lungs are under-functioning:
Heart yin: heart blood and the organ structure
Heart yang: blood and "spirit" ruling actions
Lung yin: lung fluid and the organ structure
Lung yang: ruling qi, managing respiration, and assisting with the heart to promote blood circulation

And then determining the degree of deficiency, for example lung qi deficiency is less serious than lung yang deficiency.