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Title: Neck/Shoulder/Jaw problems
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Alexander Posted - 2/1/2020 9:16:34

I have an autoimmune disorder where thee immune system attacks my body, which can include organs and musculo-skeletal system. This causes some tightness and weakness of certain muscles. As a result I have very bad shoulder pain, especially right shoulder, mid-back, neck, right foot/toe, jaw (mostly right side but both), and if I use fine movements for too long such as playing a musical instrument I get very bad nerve pain and have to stop. Also I have shortness of breath and trouble breathing deeply.

I have tried Western medicine but it was very little help. In terms of TCM I tried something recommended called Paida Lajin which is hitting and stretching and this has been very helpful, but it has not eliminated the problem and it comes back if I don't have the time to hit and stretch during the day. I also tried acupuncture but once it caused a lot of pain in my nerves, though other times it helped.

Is there anything anybody can recommend? I am trying to see a TCM specialist but I do not have anyone nearby so I have not been able to do so at the moment.

Thank you.

TCM Posted - 8/1/2020 11:59:53
right foot/toe?? What about right hand/fingers?
Right shoulder, mid back and neck are the regions dominated by the neck spinal nerves, appropriate stretching and postures can help to relieve the unnecessary pressure loaded on the muscles and joints. You should keep practice.

Tightness and weakness of certain muscles, shortness of breath and trouble breathing deeply may be due to lung and kidney deficiencies in TCM, some herbs may be suitable e.g. schisandra, processed rhemannia rhizome, white mulberry root-bark, astragalus root and tatarian aster root.

It is better to consult a physician for individual supplement.