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Title: ST 36 moxibustion and dry nose
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Mike Posted - 19/6/2019 15:43:41
I have a dry mouth (lack of saliva), white fur on the tongue (especially in the middle), a central deep crack and a few cracks on the sides..

I do moxibustion occasionally on ST 36 - and while this does usually help a bit with the dryness and perhaps even the coating..the next day I have a dry, unpleasant sensation in my nose.

Why would this happen ?

Mike Posted - 23/6/2019 15:13:42
okey, thank you for the links!
TCM Posted - 22/6/2019 12:31:50
Saliva helps food digestion and maintains oral hygiene. Too little saliva increases the frequency of dental caries, gum diseases or other problems. Saliva also plays an important role in the taste and smell.

In Chinese medicine, saliva is a body fluid that regulated by a serious of internal processes.

Moxa on ST36 promoting the spleen and stomach functioning, and smoothing blood and qi circulation, so as to facilitate the digestive system and overall enhancement.

TCM views dry mouth into different disharmony patterns:

And your tongue coating shows you have other health problems.

Better to consult a real physician and ask for more beneficial tips.